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How Can CBD Treat Dry Skin?

CBD is a cannabinoid that’s extracted from the hemp plant, the same plant that produces THC (the element in marijuana that makes you “high”). After the CBD, THC, and the other cannabinoids have been extracted, the trace amounts of THC are removed. 

CBD is believed to be able to help manage a person’s mood and lessen anxiety, but now some studies are also starting to show that CBD topical creams can help lessen the effects of dry skin. 

Here we’ll look at common causes of dry skin, natural ways to prevent it, and how CBD could be the remedy you didn’t know you were missing. 

What causes dry skin? 

Dry skin occurs when your skin’s upper layer loses the moisture that it normally stores in the skin. Dry skin can take place anywhere on your body, but it’s most likely to occur on your hands, arms, feet, or legs. Dry skin can be a hassle because many people are self-conscious about the way their skin looks. Even worse, dry skin can be extremely itchy and even painful if it gets to be too irritated. 

Below are some of the main causes of dry skin:

Season: Your skin is more likely to be drier in autumn and winter because humidity levels are lower. This means that your skin won’t naturally absorb moisture throughout the day. As your skin is exposed to colder temperatures, it’ll dry out even more.

Aging: As adults mature, our skin naturally starts to become drier. This change takes place because our cells begin to lose their elasticity. As this happens, the oil that moisturizes our skin evaporates faster. This leads to our skin becoming irritated and dry more easily. Shifting hormones and sun damage can also impact your skin cells to make them drier. 

Job Type: Some people have jobs that can lead them to have drier skin on their hands than others. People in any job where they’re constantly washing their hands or submerging them in water are more likely to have dry hands. Some of these roles include medical professionals or salon workers.

Frequently Washing Your Hands: Another way that people develop dry skin is through constantly washing their hands. This is especially prevalent at the moment as people are washing their hands more often or applying hand sanitizer because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unfortunately, when you wash your hands too often, it strips away the natural oils that your body produces to help keep your hands moisturized. 

How to naturally treat dry skin

Healthier skin can be achieved through making some lifestyle changes like washing your hands in warm water instead of hot water, applying some kind of moisturizer immediately after you get out of the shower, or putting a humidifier in your home. 

Unfortunately, sometimes even these changes aren’t enough to get rid of your dry skin. When you have persistent dry skin and need to try a stronger remedy to treat it, consider using a type of CBD lotion.

How can CBD lotion help dry skin? 

With hand cream, you can boost your moisture levels and skin elasticity

Our skin becomes dry when our skin’s elasticity loosens, which allows moisture levels to drop.  Many ointments help to treat dry skin because they replace these oils. However, regular lotions are similar to putting a bandaid on the problem because your dry skin will continue to persist as soon as you stop using the cream.

Lotions that contain CBD differ from regular moisturizing solutions because CBD lotion is believed to have a positive effect on the amount of oil that your body produces, according to a 2014 study. The study found that when CBD interacts with your sebaceous glands (the glands that control how much oil your skin receives) it can help to regulate the glands. In turn, the glands will start to produce the right amount of oil to moisturize your skin.

Why CBD topicals should be the next dry skin remedy you try

If you’ve been battling with dry skin for a long period of time, or have a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema, you might be ready to try a more natural remedy to help heal your dry skin condition. 

Since each of our bodies has an endocannabinoid system, when you place a CBD topical cream on your skin, it interacts directly with your system. It’s believed that when this happens a “synergistic harmony” takes place after continued use of the CBD lotion, which leads to your system creating more oils again. 

When you’re looking for a CBD cream to treat your dry skin, be sure to look for a cream that’s been proven to be made from high-quality CBD along with other high-quality natural ingredients. Although you’re purchasing a CBD cream because of the properties that the CBD possesses, you’ll want to ensure that the other ingredients in the CBD skin care products will help your skin on the surface too. 

[Botanima’s high-quality CBD body lotion is 100% natural and possesses minerals from the dead sea along with Argan oil. The combination is sure to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.]

CBD hand moisturizer benefits inflammation 

Another reason that you’ll want to check on the quality of the CBD before you make a purchase is due to the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD is believed to have. Some studies have shown that CBD topical creams can help lessen joint and muscle pains. (If you’re specifically looking for a muscle relief remedy, check out a CBD anti-inflammatory salve).

 Although finding muscle relief might not be your main reason for purchasing a CBD cream, it’s certainly an added bonus. Unfortunately, if the CBD is not high-quality, or it’s not concentrated enough, you won’t receive the benefits of having your sebaceous system regulated, nor will your muscles feel any benefits. 

Purchase a CBD topical cream that’s right for you

CBD is so popular these days that there’s a new CBD cream or serum almost anywhere you look. However, not all of these products are created equal. You’ll receive the most relief for your dry skin by choosing superior moisturizers, hand lotions, or foot creams that are made from premium ingredients.

If you’re looking for a high-quality product to rid yourself of dry feet, try out Botanima Organic’s CBD foot cream! If you’re looking for faster results, apply the cream before you go to bed and put socks on. 

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