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COVID-19, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, CBD and Everything Between

COVID-19 has affected people around the world, no country has been left completely unaffected. Many countries have had their citizens under mandatory quarantine, preventing them from going out, socializing, and otherwise, all of this has taken its toll not just on those who have been exposed to COVID-19. We have all been forced to adapt to new ways of living and this all has resulted in anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and everything in between.

No matter the age or point in our life, the more anxiety and stress we have, the more it affects our bodies and minds. The more that our physical self goes through, the bigger the toll that it takes on our spirit. Everything in our bodies is interconnected. In times like this we need to take steps to help our minds, bodies, and spirits and one of the ways that we can do that is with CBD, or cannabidiol.

What is Cannabidiol?

The hemp plant has been used for ages for a variety of purposes, one of which is the many beneficial compounds that can be found in the plant. Out of these, the cannabinoids are one of the most well noted. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many cannabinoids that can be found in the hemp plant, these cannabinoids are extracted to produce what we commonly refer to as CBD oil. After the CBD oil is extracted along with the other cannabinoids that it brings with it, you can have the CBD oil as it is, remove the THC, or remove everything but the CBD. 

Typically the most preferable option is to only remove the THC from the oil as this leaves you with the whole plant effect of the hemp without the high that can come from the THC. When we are talking about the whole plant effect, also known as the entourage effect when talking about cannabis plants, we are talking about how most plant-based medicine is more effective when the whole plant is used as opposed to only part of the plant.

How Does CBD Can Help

If you spend long enough on the internet you can find plenty of people who claim different cures for the Coronavirus and of course CBD has been hailed as a cure. Like with all of the other cure claims out there, this is probably just as unfounded as others, although there is research going into whether CBD could contribute to a cure. Instead of providing a cure to COVID-19, CBD can help to provide everyone living in the COVID times with help overcoming the impact the virus has had on our emotional wellbeing. 

CBD for Anxiety and Depression

One of the most common problems that people are encountering during COVID-19 are anxiety and depression, both take big tolls on our lives and can present big problems if we go without finding help for them. CBD has been shown in multiple tests to be beneficial for both feelings. One of the biggest ways that CBD has found to be helpful for those with anxiety and depression is through its interaction with the body working similar to that of antidepressants. CBD works by interacting with both of the receptors in the endocannabinoid system which is essential to the proper functioning of the body. 

CBD To Help With Sleep

Sleep is essential to our proper functioning and when we are spending so much time at home we can easily lose track of time and mess up our sleep schedule. Beyond that, we can have difficulty sleeping as our schedules are messed up simply because everything is different. Further compounding this problem, the stress and anxiety we are experiencing during this time can make getting sleep difficult, even if we can get sleep, it isn’t likely to be high-quality sleep.

As we already mentioned, CBD can help to reduce stress and anxiety, helping to ensure that we can get better sleep but CBD does more than that. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for more than just anxiety management, it also plays a major role in sleep and by providing the endocannabinoid system with the cannabinoids it needs to properly control our sleep cycles we are enhancing our sleep experience.

CBD To Help With Blood Pressure

Reduced heart function and poor blood pressure can lead us to be more likely to get COVID. Additionally, it can lead us to have other medical issues and concerns, such as being at a higher chance of having a heart attack. To make this even worse, those who have high blood pressure are at a higher chance of dying from COVID-19. In order to better protect us against the complications that high blood pressure can have, especially during these times, we need to take steps to improve our blood pressure and CBD can help us to do that.

More studies are needed to help understand the exact way that CBD could be helping us to reduce high blood pressure but several different explanations have been offered and are likely working in conjunction with each other. We talked about the anxiety and depression related benefits that CBD brings to the table and we know that stress and anxiety can raise blood pressure so by reducing the levels of both with CBD, we are reducing our blood pressure. Normally stress and anxiety only temporarily raise blood pressure but with COVID and all of the stressors that we are living under constantly, we are constantly in stress and anxiety, thus keeping our blood pressure high.

Another way that CBD has been found to help with blood pressure is through the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature of CBD and the other cannabinoids found in broad-spectrum CBD oil. Both properties help to increase the physical health of the heart via methods such as reducing cell death and inflammation. 

CBD To Help With Focus

With COVID hitting we have all been forced to spend the vast majority of our time at home, even essential workers only spend their work time out and about. Whether you are working at home, trying to relax, get housework done, or any other task it is easy to be distracted when you feel cooped up. CBD can help to control your focus and make your time spent at home more productive, it does this by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies to better manage the brain’s production of dopamine. Dopamine is one of the chemicals in our brains in charge of both focus and memory, thus allowing us to be more productive.

Having better focus and accomplishing what we set out to do will help us to establish a more positive mindset, further helping us to fight our anxiety and depression related to COVID-19. Even better though, CBD can help our souls during COVID times by giving us the focus we need to achieve new goals and establish a purpose for ourselves during these difficult times.

CBD for Wellbeing

At Botanima Organics you will find a number of wellbeing products, including a variety of CBD tinctures and softgels that might be what you are looking for to help you during these challenging times. The wellbeing products from Botanima Organics are high quality and tested by a third party to guarantee you are getting what you are paying for. More than that though, it is broad-spectrum CBD that provides you with the entourage effect that we mentioned above.

Getting through these times is going to be difficult, especially with states rethinking their stances on opening back up, taking steps to help the full spectrum of our health (mind, body, and soul) is crucial. CBD could provide you with that boost to your health that you are looking for. Before proceeding into the world of CBD we highly encourage you to perform more research into CBD and ensure that you are getting quality CBD that will give you the effects you desire.

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