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CBD as a Pain Reliever

Pain can be experienced on many different levels, from a mild ache to very substantial, the location of the pain and its frequency may also vary greatly. All of this variation in pain means that it can be difficult to treat it.

Another thing that makes pain difficult to treat is the drugs themselves. Many pain medications are addictive and/or have side effects that can cause further problems. Doctors are being pressured to significantly reduce the amount of pain medication that is being prescribed and for good reason. Prescription pain medication is often a gateway to other addictive substances.

To prevent addiction, reduce costs, and to treat various different forms of pain, experts have been looking to find alternative pain relievers. One such pain reliever that has seen a lot of attention recently is CBD. CBD oil for pain is just one of the examples of how you can use CBD, it also comes in the form of softgels, creams, edibles, and drinkables. However, when it comes to the pain relief effects you will need to think about which form of CBD is right for your ailment.

CBD Oil for Pain

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is a natural substance that is derived from the hemp plant. The process of gathering CBD oil extracts the oil without the intoxicating compound known as THC. THC is another cannabinoid product that is abundant in marijuana. 

Currently, the United States has legalized CBD oil as long as it contains less than .3% THC. The fact that both CBD and THC can come from the same plant though, has created a lot of confusion, despite the confusion a lot of studies have been conducted into the uses of CBD oil. 

Inflammation is commonly a cause of pain when inflammation is present, it pushes on nerve endings, thus causing pain. Inflammation also causes chemicals to be released in the body that causes pain, with arthritis and fibromyalgia being examples of conditions that cause pain through inflammation.

CBD oil for fibromyalgia and arthritis are great ways to help fight pain caused by inflammation, CBD salve for pain can also work. Why do oils and salves from CBD work to fight pain? CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that will help to reduce all of the symptoms of inflammation, not just the pain. Hemp oil benefits for arthritis extend beyond simply treating inflammation and we are going to take a look at those.

CBD Oil for Arthritis

It is believed that CBD oil for pain also works on receptors. Upon entering the body, CBD is believed to interact with the receptors responsible for pain in a way to help reduce the trigger for pain. This is still being studied for a complete understanding, but the initial studies have shown great promise.

CBD oil can be used for arthritis, especially when applied topically to the joints affected by arthritis. CBD salve for arthritis has also shown to be effective but oral CBD will likely not show the same pain relief benefits. CBD tends to breakdown faster when ingested orally and isn’t able to contact the pain receptors as well.

CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia

Just like with arthritis, CBD oil for fibromyalgia partially works to help with the inflammation. While not completely studied, it is believed that there are a number of other reasons that CBD oil is effective for fibromyalgia. 

Pain works by sending signals from the brain to the rest of the body and CBD is thought to intercept the signals between the brain that cause pain. Just by reducing the number of pain signals that are sent to the brain, you can ease the feeling of pain experienced. A lack of certain neurotransmitters is also thought to be a cause of pain in migraines and fibromyalgia. 

In a 2016 study, researchers studied whether or not CBD can help to correct a deficiency in neurotransmitters. Scientists were unable to come to a decision and recommended more research as the area of study did show promise.

CBD Oil and Relieving Secondary Anxiety

Many of the conditions that cause pain also cause stress and anxiety. CBD oil has been studied as a way to relieve both conditions. By reducing the stress and anxiety that we feel we can relieve some of the tightness and worry that is associated with pain, allowing for better healing and recovery in a shorter amount of time.

Anxiety and stress from other parts of life, such as your job or worrying about money, will also hinder your recovery. CBD oil can also help your pain for this reason. 

General Pain Reliever and Other Conditions

Some people use CBD as a general pain reliever to assist with other conditions. All of the above benefits, such as working with receptors in the body and anti-inflammatory properties, make it a common go-to. A good example of another condition that CBD is used to treat is epilepsy. Currently, the only approved medication containing CBD is Epidiolex which is used to treat two very rare and unique forms of epilepsy. The drug Epidiolex was recently descheduled by the DEA, meaning that it is no longer a highly restricted substance. This is a big stride forward for CBD as it is the first time that the US federal government has recognized it as having potential benefits.

CBD Oil Side Effects

One of the first things people want to know when it comes to any kind of treatment or healing aid is whether there are any side effects. CBD oil is being studied more frequently now because of the fairly noticeable lack of side effects and the side effects that are experienced tend to be minor. 

Drowsiness after taking CBD oil can be found in some people and the most common cause of this is taking too much CBD at one time. 

Other side effects include:

  • Change of diet/weight
  • Diarrhea 
  • Certain drug complications
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea

A Note About Synthetic CBD

In recent years companies have started to produce synthetic CBD. This is CBD that is produced in a lab or factory. While people were initially excited to start trying synthetic CBD as it could potentially be a cheaper alternative, studies have not looked promising.

In initial studies, synthetic CBD has shown to be little to no better than a placebo and that the majority of bodies also do not handle synthetic chemicals well. 

Those looking to use CBD oil for fibromyalgia or for arthritis should use natural CBD oils derived from the hemp plant. As science advances, we may have better ways to synthesize CBD oil but that is in the future.

CBD oil is not an official mediation per the center for disease control, but many different studies have been performed into uses of CBD for multiple conditions. In the majority of studies, the positive effects of CBD have been found but more tests will need to be done before it can be an official medical treatment. Despite the need for more research though, plenty of people around the world already turn to CBD as a tool to help with a variety of needs. Botanima Organics’ 25mg CBD softgels with curcumin are a great option for CBD for pain relief, the softgel is designed specifically for helping to fight pain.

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