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The CBD Boom With Baby Boomers

CBD in all of its forms has become very popular around the world with research being performed into the benefits from universities in many different countries. One of the most powerful groups behind the push for CBD to become accepted in the mainstream is the baby boomer generation, with the second-largest being millennials. Since 2019 the sales of CBD products have been rising around the United States and about 41% of all talk on social media about CBD was found to have come from those in the baby boomer generation. 

With the increase in popularity of CBD and many people now seeing CBD in stores around the country, you are probably wondering why baby boomers (and others) like the compound so much. We are going to explore that and talk about some of the benefits that CBD can bring to your mind and body.

All Natural

One of the biggest reasons CBD has become a hit is that it is an all-natural compound that is harvested from the hemp plant. Many products on the market today contain chemicals with names that you can’t even pronounce and there is warranted concern that those unpronounceable chemicals may be doing harm to our bodies. Thus, baby boomers are always looking for healthy ways to improve their minds and bodies.

As a side note here, it is important to make sure that any CBD you look to use is completely natural as there is synthetic CBD out there. Synthetic CBD includes chemicals that you won’t find in natural CBD and these chemicals can cause a variety of problems within your body, and have even been associated with death. On the other hand, natural CBD has almost no side effects and has many positive benefits that come with it.

Benefits for Baby Boomer Problems

One of the many uses of CBD is to help fight aging, traits from CBD are believed to help fight the aging process and as we get older we tend to want more tools to help stop the process. Baby boomers are at the point in their lives when they are looking for products that can help their skin, minds, and bodies to fight the effects of aging and a natural product like CBD is very appealing. Some of the benefits that CBD oil can bring in terms of anti-aging include:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Pain-relieving Properties 
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Heart health benefits such as reduced blood pressure
  • Neurological protective properties

Benefits of CBD

Above you can see some of the benefits in regards to CBD and its anti-aging nature, now we are going to take a look at all of the benefits that baby boomers might be interested in. Keep in mind that CBD comes in a variety of forms and no one form/one method of taking it, will result in all benefits. However, CBD is also popular among baby boomers because of the wide amount of benefits that it can bring, take a look at those benefits below.

Anti-inflammatory Properties of CBD

One of the many possible skin benefits of CBD is that it is known to be anti-inflammatory, which means that it is able to help reduce the amount of inflammation present in the skin and other parts of the body. Not only may this help to reduce pain from medical conditions, but it will also help to prevent skin from looking puffy or otherwise unnatural.

Pain Relieving Properties of CBD

Both CBD and THC are touted by users to be great pain relievers, and a fair amount of sciences out there back this. Some of the pain-relieving nature of CBD comes from the above-mentioned anti-inflammatory benefits, but some of it comes from CBD’s interactions with the brain. It is believed that CBD is able to work with pain receptors in the mind and body to help reduce the experience of pain, but there are more studies needed to prove exactly how this works.

Anti-Anxiety Properties of CBD

Many baby boomers first became interested in CBD because of the evidence that exists that CBD can be a great tool to help reduce anxiety and then started to notice the other benefits from there. Like other cannabinoids, CBD may help the mind to relax and thus reduces the amount of anxiety that one might feel as they go about their day.

Heart Health Properties of CBD

CBD is a great relaxant, which may help to reduce blood pressure spikes that are associated with anxiety and other active emotions. In addition to that, CBD also works to help promote positive heart health in a variety of other ways, including working with the body’s internal oxidation processes.

Neuroprotective Properties of CBD

Another great potential benefit of CBD is the neuroprotective properties that CBD is believed to have, these properties help to protect the brain from deterioration and memories from fading. Some studies specifically have been performed into Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, but it is believed by researchers that these benefits may apply to other conditions including the process of aging itself.

Sleep Aid Properties of CBD

CBD does not make you fall asleep by itself but it does contain properties that will make you have better sleep. When you take CBD it works with the brain to help establish healthy sleep patterns and keep you asleep, and due to the relaxing nature of CBD, it may also help you fall asleep faster.

Seizure Reducing Properties  of CBD

So far the only approved medication in the United States that includes CBD is used to treat seizures. The government has recognized that certain seizure-related conditions do not have adequate treatment methods and through the manufacturer of the new medication’s research, they were able to show the potential it can bring to the market.

CBD for Pets

The baby boomers don’t only like CBD because it is good for them, but because it is also good for their pets. Recently a number of pet products have started to emerge onto the market that can provide your pets with some much-needed help, such as helping to reduce the symptoms of separation anxiety.

Pets mean a lot to baby boomers and they take their pet’s health seriously, sometimes more seriously than their own. So what works for their best friends could also be a potential help to them and they are more likely to trust it because it is healthy for their pets.

One of the most common CBD products for baby boomers is CBD lotion and there are many lotions out there. Botanima Organics has a line of CBD lotions, creams, serums, and oils, including their very popular CBD body lotion. Botanima Organics is very careful to use only the best, all-natural CBD and includes other natural ingredients in their CBD creams that can help to further boost skin health.

Baby boomers were just the tip of the trend when it comes to CBD lotion and oil. Other generations, such as the millennials and Gen X are starting to see the benefits of CBD but nowhere at the rate of the number of baby boomers that are taking interest in CBD. The many benefits that CBD is believed to be able to bring to the table while having almost no side effects are very enticing and many people are interested in trying it. A good majority of those who try CBD notice positive effects, sometimes in areas that they weren’t expecting to see effects in.

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