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How To Find Peace in This Chaotic Time

Having to stay home with the onset of COVID-19 is causing a lot of stress, uncertainty, and other problems for those all around the world. For some, this may remind them of stories from their parents when they were required to stay home during World War II. Like us, you probably want to bring peace to your life but aren’t sure how to go about it.

Today we are going to look at some steps that you can take to help create peace for yourself even if you are stuck in your home.

Practice Meditation

Meditation comes in a variety of forms. Tai Chi is considered a form of meditation by some people. The vast majority of these different forms have existed throughout history for a good reason, they help us to gather our thoughts, relax our minds, and focus ourselves.

Take the time to learn at least one method of meditation and you can help to clear your mind when stuck at home for so long. It will also help to clear your mind when this whole situation is resolved.

YouTube is a great platform for learning meditation as there are many different videos that can help guide you through the process. Find a form that you would like to learn and start practicing. 

Try to spend at least a little time every day meditating in order to see the most benefit. Remember that practice makes perfect though and by meditating regularly you will get better at it.

Find Ways To Get Some Light Exercise In

Exercise is important to establish peace in our minds and bodies. Most are aware that exercise is good for your body but not many people know the mental health benefits of even light exercise. During physical activity, our brains start to produce natural chemicals that promote positivity.

Chemicals released in the brain include norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. All of these are essential for mood regulation.

Don’t worry, we have a couple of suggestions for some basic exercises that you can do at home.

  • Jogging/walking in place for 15 minutes several times a day.
  • Sets of squats throughout the day.
  • Walk your stairs as much as you can throughout the day.
  • Start stretching in the morning and before bed.
  • Gardening in your backyard.
  • Toe rises- standing flat on your feet than raising yourself onto your toes repetitively.

Make sure to take care of yourself after your exercise. A CBD salve may help your exercise recovery by relaxing sore muscles and backs. 

CBD Oil For Anxiety and Depression

CBD oil derived from the hemp plant is believed to be great for combating both anxiety and depression. When we are forced to stay at home with uncertainty about our finances, the future, and how you are going to get enough supplies, we are piling more stress onto what we are already dealing with.

Adding CBD oil into your routine has the potential to help lift your mood through relieving anxiety and depression.

Spend Virtual Time With Each Other

Spending time with each other over the internet isn’t quite like spending time in person but it can help make a difference during these chaotic times. Set up regular times to Skype or Facetime your family and friends. Make sure to talk about how everything is making you feel, being alone in chaotic times drives up stress and other concerns.

For those that want to have a social get together, you can still do that. Platforms such as Zoom and Skype that allow you to have a large number of people in one video chat are being used to throw virtual parties and to hold activities like book clubs. Numerous guides online can help you to set up a system like that.

Alexa Show can simplify the video communication process by giving you a way to just say who you want to video call with. It does all of the other steps for you.

Catch Up On Your Sleep

Sleep is important for maintaining a positive state of mental health and for your physical fitness. During our sleep time, our body is able to moderate the chemicals that build up during the day down to appropriate levels. Our mental health and physical health are dependent on the chemicals in our bodies and when there are imbalances it affects how we feel and think.

Obviously sleep helps to give us the power we need to make it through the day but it also helps to restore our muscles, mind and can reduce inflammation. Further, it is used to help control body weight.

Besides using CBD oil for depression, it is thought to also be good to promote sleep. CBD oil has shown promise when it comes to getting to sleep faster and promoting sleep long term. In these times when you might be too stressed to sleep or may already have trouble sleeping, CBD could potentially help you fall asleep and get better sleep.

We might be tempted to spend some time in our bedrooms since we are restricted to our homes, but try not to do that. The more time we spend in the bedroom awake, the more our body and mind start to associate it with acts other than sleeping. You, like us, probably don’t realize how much effect a subconscious connection to your bedroom for sleep can help but multiple studies have proven that we need to associate our bedroom with sleep.

Turn Your Phone Off For A While

Some of those who are part of the baby boomer years already practice turning off their phone for periods of time when at home but with these times we should all be practicing turning off our devices. Cell phones can have a variety of impacts on our mindsets. The constant access to the news, for example, helps to keep fear in our minds.

Phones also simply distract us from the many positive things we could be doing. Imagine how many times we forget to do some little task because we are doing something on our devices.

The blue light on our phone screens has an impact on our brains. The more blue light, in the spectrum as our phones, have, the more our brain wants to stay awake. This is a common problem for the younger crowd but now that everyone is stuck inside it is becoming more and more common. We need our sleep after all.

Schedule a time during the day in which you will turn off your phone and leave it in a room that you rarely use. This allows you to focus on your exercise, meditation, or other activities. If you have family that might call you for help, medical reasons, or otherwise have to leave your phone on, put it in Do Not Disturb mode and allow those who need to get a hold of you bypass Do Not Disturb.

Difficult times are here and there is speculation that times will only get more chaotic as we try to sort out all of the effects of COVID-19. Even once everything is sorted out we will have to address issues such as the economy which will keep us stressed. 

All of these practices can be continued after we are released from our at-home social distancing. They are good practices to help fight anxiety, stress, depression, and otherwise keep your mind and body healthy. Let us know in the comments section if you have found anything else to be helpful in these chaotic times.

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