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Baking with CBD

Traditional methods for taking CBD include tinctures, softgels, and various topicals, but one other method of taking is in food or edible form. CBD can be included in a variety of baking recipes and it’s actually very easy once you understand the process of baking with CBD. You may have already heard about baking with marijuana, and the idea is similar, but the main difference is that CBD will not get you high, while still having many of the positive effects. Today we are going to take a look at how to use CBD oil when you are baking and create some tasty recipes.

Why Bake with CBD?

You may be wondering why you would bake with CBD as opposed to take CBD in another form that doesn’t take as long to prepare and that’s a fair question. CBD, when baked, can provide a number of benefits but the most important is that it is a delicious way to take CBD. Some of those who want to enjoy the benefits that CBD can bring to the table do not like the taste of CBD by itself, and baking into tasty treats gives them a way to still enjoy the benefits while enjoying the taste of the cookie, brownie, or other delights.

Here are some of the other benefits you may notice from baking CBD goods.

Longer Lasting Benefits

 Because the CBD is spread throughout the edible, it often takes longer for the body to start processing the CBD and for you to feel the effects of said CBD. While that’s true, CBD ingested through edibles can last for hours longer than CBD used through other methods.

CBD Baked Good Will Not Get You Baked

For many people they cannot have marijuana edibles due to the psychoactive effects, others just do not want to experience the psychoactive effects, and CBD offers a way for people to have the health benefits of CBD and cannabinoids while avoiding the psychoactive nature of THC. There is also less concern if someone accidentally snacks on one of your CBD baked goods.

Measured Out in the Baking Process

 During the process of baking, you’re able to measure out exactly how much CBD you’re going to use with each recipe, this gives you a way to control the dosage of CBD down to a relatively fine level. This becomes even easier as you learn to better bake with CBD, there are a lot of fine points that you will learn throughout the experience.

The Baking Process is Easy

Baking with CBD is relatively easy, there are no fancy mixtures that you need to make and you don’t need to make your own CBD additives. You can use a wide variety of CBD forms but tinctures typically work best for baking, while baking you simply have to measure them and properly add them to your recipes.

CBD in Baking, The Basics

CBD oil requires a base when cooking, that means learning to infuse it, but that some difficult way to go about it. There are a number of CBD tinctures that already have a fatty base in them and will allow you to get precise measurements without having to try to assess how much of each ingredient to add when you are infusing your own CBD. Other forms of CBD can be used to bake but they do not have the same effect as they do not bring the full power of the hemp plant with them.

Something to keep in mind when you are baking with CBD is the fact that it has a lower boiling point than some of the other ingredients you may be using, the boiling point of CBD is around 356° and you should take this into account when you are baking with CBD. A recipe that you have may call for a higher temperature to bake at, but when leaving CBD at these temperatures for longer can result in your CBD losing its effectiveness and potentially evaporating completely. 

Thinking about the serving size of your CBD comparison with the serving size of your recipe is also important, larger batches when baking may result in CBD being more spread out. A good example of this is if you make a large brownie sheet, each individual brownie may contain less CBD than you think, make sure to measure your dosage so that there is enough CBD in each serving. In a sheet of 10 brownies, if you add 200 mg of CBD to the recipe, you will have about 20 mg of CBD in each brownie. One way to help ensure that you get the correct amount of CBD per serving is to look for CBD tincture with a higher concentration than you would normally use, this helps to ensure that there is more CBD in the liquid that you are using.

Lastly, you want to keep in mind the taste of CBD tincture, it has a very distinctive earthy taste that some compared to the taste of tea. This is not a bad taste, it is just one that you have to consider when preparing your CBD tincture with other ingredients. You can also get flavored tinctures such as mint, lemon, and orange that work to hide the earthy flavor of plain CBD. Experts at baking with CBD say that you should work with the flavor and find flavors that are complementary to the earthy taste of CBD as opposed to trying to find ones that will hide the flavor.

Consider a Recipe Book

Something you may want to consider is looking for a recipe book, there are a lot of books that are dedicated just to helping create edibles and starting with the recipe can give you a great foundation, especially when you’re just learning. When selecting a recipe book for edibles you want to find one that is not only well-reviewed, but one includes a wide variety of recipes as you will want to have plenty of things to try so that you can get a taste for all the potential masterpieces that you can produce.

At the same time that you will want to have a quality recipe book, keep in mind half of the fun of baking with CBD is coming up with your own recipes and a book should only be used for initial inspiration. You want to create a recipe that is not only unique to you but that you enjoy the taste of, and enjoying making it doesn’t hurt either.

Storing CBD Baked Good and CBD in General

CBD typically comes in darker bottles because it is sensitive to the light and does not do well in high temperatures. When storing your CBD and CBD baked goods, it is important to consider how you are storing them. A nice cool place that does not get much exposure to light is a great location to store both your CBD and the fruits of your labor, such as CBD brownies or CBD cookies. An airtight container should be used to further help promote quality storage.

When cooking with CBD, there are a lot of different options out there for the CBD that you want to use and choosing can be difficult. CBD tincture from Botanima Organics can be a great benefit for your cooking efforts. Botanima Organics uses only natural CBD from the best sources when creating their tinctures and provides a safe storage option for them that will help to prolong their life.

Now that you know some of the basics of cooking with CBD tincture there are a lot of different things out there for you to try, many different recipes can benefit from CBD. The traditional idea of brownies or cookies as edibles is only just the start, you can create edible bread, cupcakes, chocolates, gummies, and more. What are you going to try first when it comes to baking with CBD?

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