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6 Myths About CBD

CBD oil is progressively becoming an ever more popular tool for those who are looking to relax, reduce pain, and otherwise experience wonderful medical benefits. Because the popularity of CBD came from almost nowhere, many myths shroud the world of CBD, myths that can be quite confusing. Today we are going to take a moment to look at the myths that surround CBD and compare them to the realities out there.

Myth 1: CBD Oil Will Show up on Drug Tests

“Does CBD oil stay in your system?” is a popular question as many people want to know whether or not CBD oil will show up on drug tests. If you Google that question you will find that a wide variety of people still say that CBD oil will show up on drug tests, a lot of people who don’t know much about CBD will also say the same thing. The truth? Most CBD oil will not show up on a drug test as they are only looking for THC.

THC is the chemical in cannabis that is responsible for giving you a high and for CBD oil to be legal in the United States it needs to include .3% or less THC in the mixture. A lot of high-quality CBD oils will contain no THC but even CBD oil that has the legal limit of THC present in it is unlikely to show up on a drug test due to the levels being very low. Taking a large amount of CBD oil regularly may result in a positive drug test due to the ingestion of a large amount of THC as will utilizing older drug tests that read CBD as a false-positive for THC.

Myth 2: One CBD Oil is Just Like the Next

You may have read somewhere or heard someone say that one CBD oil is just the same as another, this myth is commonly spread by companies to get you to buy their products at a lower rate than their competition. The truth is, not all CBD oil is created the same, a variety of different factors come into play when we are talking about the quality of CBD oil. Above, we talked about the variation of THC in CBD oil, that is one difference that you will find, that not all CBD oil is completely THC free and you will need to keep that in mind.

How well a company produces their CBD can also affect the quality of the oil, a poor extraction process will result in a poor quality CBD oil. There are also CBD oils with different levels of CBD in them, determining how strong they are. A fair amount goes into finding the perfect CBD product for every use, not to mention the perfect product when it comes to quality.

Another part of this rumor is that synthetic CBD can be just as good as organic CBD, this is a horrendously unsafe myth. Synthetic CBD has been found to be very unsafe due to other chemicals added to the compound when produced and using it may even result in death.

Myth 3: CBD Does Not Affect Your Mind

You might find people that tell you that because CBD products are not psychoactive that they do not affect your mind, this isn’t strictly true. CBD does not work as an intoxicant but it does have an effect on your mind and it does so in a number of ways. Here are a few ways that CBD is believed to work on your mind: reduce headaches, increase focus, improve mood, and improve quality of sleep.

The positive effects of CBD on the mind are one of the reasons that people turn to it and CBD taken through ingestion is the best option for those looking to maximize the positive effects it can have on the mind.

Myth 4: CBD Will Put Me To Sleep

It isn’t uncommon to believe that CBD oil will put you to sleep, and it will help you to fall asleep in very large doses but will not put you to sleep. Low and moderate doses of CBD have been found to help energize the mind and body, so CBD can work in either direction as long as you manage your intake appropriately. 

Some people use CBD to help them establish normal sleeping patterns and some CBD supplements may contain extra ingredients to help promote falling asleep faster. By itself though, CBD is not an anesthetic and only works to influence how the mind acts when it comes to sleep through helping to establish proper sleep/wake cycles. 

Myth 5: CBD Becomes THC in the Stomach

You may have seen a recently published document that claims that CBD is turned into THC when it enters a person’s stomach, this is one of the worst myths out there because it affects people’s view of this helpful compound. So far there is no proof that CBD oil turns into THC or any harmful compound when it enters the stomach and there has been evidence of less than honest motivations behind the published document. According to Project CBD, the people who were behind the document had financial motivations to help disprove the helpfulness and health nature of CBD oil.

While we think it is important to keep in mind that there is still much research that needs to go into CBD, it is just as important to remember that we need to be wary of the source of research that is out there. Best practices in academics mean having multiple studies and sources for everything so that you can truly understand the sources of effects. 

Myth 6: CBD is the Only Good Cannabinoid

When people who are not cannabinoid friendly who accept CBD tend to perpetuate the myth that CBD is the only good cannabinoid out there because it doesn’t cause a high. The truth is that the hemp plant is full of beneficial ingredients, such as other cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, and CBG, that are commonly associated with helping the mind and body heal, grow, and rejuvenate. Like with everything in life, when used in moderation, all parts of the hemp plant, including THC, can be very beneficial for the body. 

In fact, for some people, THC and CBD combined can deliver the most powerful results. It depends on the person, their need of CBD, and the strength of the dose.

As we mentioned above the world of CBD is shrowded in a large amount of myth and fog. Part of this comes from the lack of information easily distributed to the public, part of it has to do with the lack of studies into CBD due to the difficulty of studying a once highly restricted substance, and yet another part of it comes from the bad reputation that marijuana has earned over the years. It is important to have an understanding that CBD is not marijuana, it comes from hemp and is not intoxicating, the fact is not something that has been widely recognized for years.

A wide number of benefits are being researched when it comes to CBD and very few negative effects have been found. Some of the potential benefits of CBD include headache reducer, pain reliever, sleep pattern improvement, skincare product, anti-aging benefits, and a tool to fight epilepsy. The recent popularity of CBD should be a sign that it is a highly desired compound that can potentially bring benefits to many people’s lives.

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